7 Total Body Workouts


Shain Clark

10/25/20222 min read

7 Full-body

No Equipment Workouts

Behold, a week's worth of concise, no-cost workouts to enhance cardio-respiratory fitness, strength, core stability, and muscle endurance. I thought a full week of workouts, which can be done anywhere, is perfect for your home fitness plan, and requiring no equipment would be perfect for beginners, athletes who can’t get to the gym or field, and introverts like me who dread seeing other humans more than a 2-hour workout at the local gym. These versatile routines are effective and time efficient and will help transform you on your fitness journey!

These workouts are meant to be intense but relatively short. I would recommend doing your favorite warm-up to avoid injury. If you don’t have one, try running in place for 2 minutes. I know that sounds super simple, but it actually works very well due to all the muscles involved.

Workout 1:

Push-ups - 10 reps

Squats - 20 reps

Side Lunges - 10 reps per leg

One-legged Plank - 30 seconds

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Workout 2:

Sumo squats - 20 reps

Burpees - 10 reps

Side Leg lifts - 15 reps each side

Mountain climbers - 20 reps

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Workout 3:

Diamond push-ups - 10 reps

Squat jumps - 15 reps

Front-to-Back lunges - 20 reps

Bicycle crunches - 30 reps

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Workout 4:

Plyometric push-ups - 10 reps

Squat holds - 30 seconds

Reverse lunges - 10 reps per leg

Flutter kicks - 30 seconds

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Workout 5:

Judo push-ups - 15 reps

Fire Hydrants - 8 reps per leg

High Knees - 20 reps per leg

Leg Raises - 20 reps

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Workout 6:

Clapping push-ups - 10 reps

Jumping jacks - 20 reps

Shuffle Splits - 10 reps per leg

Leg raises - 15 reps

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Workout 7:

Close grip push-ups - 10 reps

Squat to calf raise - 20 reps

Reverse lunges to high knee drive - 10 reps per leg

V-ups - 12 reps

Repeat for 5 rounds.

This is the 3-Minute Killer I do in the AM.

Only takes around 3 minutes and it's a great way to start the day without committing to a full workout.

You'll have 60 seconds to do each exercise x 3 exercises = 3 minutes.

10-Down Burpee Push-Ups

You'll do a Burpee, followed by 9 push-ups, then another burpee followed by 8 pushups, and so on. Equals 55 reps.

15 Reverse Lunge to High Knee

Drop back into a reverse lunge, then instead of returning to a standing position, execute a knee like you are about to Muay Thai destroy that imaginary enemy in your way.

Finally, 60 "Ghose Rope Drills"

Legs slightly wider than shoulder width, imagine you are ducking under a rope in a boxing ring and popping your head up on the other side. You've all seen boxing movies so I don't think this needs any more explanation. Don't get lazy! If you feel confident in your wind, start throwing some shadow boxing in too.


Warm up according to your fitness level and take into account any injuries you have. Also, consult a physician before beginning any workout program, including this one. Why? Well, because I’m supposed to say that; and also, because I’m not there training you or providing an assessment, so a doctor visit might not be such a bad idea anyway. Adjust and modify this program as necessary to reach your goals and prevent injury.

With determination, you'll soon notice a remarkable difference in your strength, stamina, and physique. Take charge of your fitness and health and embrace the power of these total body workouts. Keep it simple and consistent, put the work in, and your future self will thank you!

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